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Rules of "SQL Exercises" site

Use of all the services of the project (excluding certification) is free of charge.
We ask you to observe a simple rule: to solve the problems individually. Having registered on the site you undertake to:
- not to search for any solutions of the exercises any other sources of information and not to use somebody else's solutions;
- not to communicate your solutions or wording of the solutions of the exercises to any other persons and not to publish them in any editions; to allocate them only on the site forum;
- not to solve the problems jointly.
- to make log-in registration not more than once, as it will be interpreted as an intent to falsify the rating.
If you have any difficulties solving the problems you can address the technical support service. They are sure to help you.
Non-observance of the rules may be the reason for access restriction or deleting of your accounting record.


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