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SQL DML Tutorial

  When writing the tutorial, there were mainly used those syntax constructions of SQL-92 standard that were supported by MS SQL Server 2005. We hope it will help you to master in wide and varied possibilities for formulating queries of arbitrary complexity to relational databases. Each topic of the tutorial is followed by numbers of exercises, which may be solved online while the system controls the correctness of solutions.
  Descriptions and schemes of educational databases to which queries are addressed are given in Appendix 1. Appendix 2 lists all the exercises of the first testing stage. Although this tutorial is primarily oriented at assisting in solving the suggested exercises, it actually spans all the syntax constructions of the data manipulation statements.
  Compatibility with the SQL-92 standard will make the acquired knowledge a universal tool of interacting with databases of different manufacturers. Some structures specific for MS SQL Server are also considered, in particular, the string and temporal functions.

You can find the full and up to date version of this SQL help on sql-tutorial.ru.

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